Since the dawn of economic liberalization and globalization, it has been observed that our younger generation is gradually moving away from their tradition and culture. It is a matter of concern for everyone because the loss of tradition and culture results in the extinction of the community. Our youth is getting scattered the world over to acquire education and pursue carrier.Though, financially they become well off, but at the cost of losing their tradition and cultural identity. As such, to preserve our tradition and culture, there is a dire need of creating awareness amongst the coming generation about our past and the present.

This can be achieved by popularizing the works of the past and present personalities, in the field of art and culture through the medium of books, documentaries and other medium of communication.

To achieve the above objective, it was decided to form VYETH a socio cultural organization which shall exclusively deal with the preservation of our culture through recording and popularizing the works of intellectuals, writers, poets, painters, sculptures etc., present and past, in the form of documentaries, books, journals etc.

In this respect four films have already been released and screened with the theme ‘Profile for progeny-I on Pt.P.N.Kaul‘Sayil’, ‘Profile for progeny-ii’ on Pt.P.N.Bhat’Shad’, ‘Profile for progeny-iii on Pt.Makhanlal Saraf and ‘Profile for progeny-iv’ on Pt.Amar Nath Vaishnavi in December 2009,April 2010,April 2013 and May 2014 respectively.

In addition to all this a film on rag-picker ‘Ashaayein’was also screened in collaboration with J&K academy of art, culture and languages. This film was duly nominated by Jaipur International Festival 2011.