I) Promotion and preservation of art, culture and language.

II) Propagation of cultural ethos, language and tradition.

III) Socio-cultural awareness and upliftment amongst the future generation.

IV)To identify and encourage the persons having devoted their lifetime in promotion of literature, poetry and other art forms and popularizing their works through books,documentaries,journals etc.

V) To raise finances in the shape of donations, subscriptions, loans etc for carrying on the above activities.

VI) To invest surplus funds in securities, land and buildings and other property to be utilized for the objectives mentioned in (I) and (IV) above.

VII) Any other activity needed to achieve the objective.

Membership: The initial membership for the society shall be 21 which can be raised to maximum of 30 as mentioned in the bylaws/article of the association of the society.

NOTE: With reference to the amendments made in its constitution vide notification dated 24th July 2014, the board resolved to increase the life members from 30 to 50. Management: The society shall be managed through a governing board consisting of 12 members, constitution and working of which shall be governed by the articles specified separately.

Jurisdiction: The jurisdiction of the society for legal purposes shall be Jammu city. By laws/Articles of association: The management of the society shall be conducted through a GB consisting of 12 members. The first GB shall comprise of the members already mentioned .All matters related to the alteration in the memorandum and articles shall be decided by GC in its general meeting through a special resolution accepted by 3/4th majority of total registered members. The President shall constitute a panel of advisory board comprising of intellectuals, eminent writers, poets, artists of repute, persons concerned with socio-cultural affairs etc.for fulfillment of the objective of the society in its right perspective. The maximum number of members of the society shall be 30(Now increased to 50).The membership fee shall be Rs.1000/-payable in the name of Vyeth by cheque/DD/Cash. NOTE: With reference to the board meeting held on 24th July, 2014, it was resolved that membership fee shall be increased from RS.1000 to Rs.3000.

Qualification: A person having any of the qualifications shall be eligible to become member of the society: A person with postgraduate degree in any discipline. A person having good understanding in the field of art, culture, languages with technical knowhow in the Information Technology, media and any other concerned area. A person of repute in art, literature and languages having work experience, publications, film making etc. Term of GB: The term of GB shall be 3 years. Office bearers of the society namely Secretary(R&M) and Executive (F&A) shall be elected by the GB.The first GB shall complete its 3 years term from the date of registration of the society. After completion of first 3 years 1/3rd of the members of GB shall retire every year and new members will be elected in place of the retiring one’s by the GC.The members having longest stay shall retire first.However, the retirement of members at the end of third and fourth year from the date of registration of the society shall be decided by draw of lots amongst eleven members and seven members respectively. Life members will constitute General Council. Any member can seek re-election to the GB subject to a maximum of two terms consecutively.

Meetings: (A) Meetings of the GC shall be held every year in the month of May after 21 days notice to discuss and decide following matters.

  1. Adoption of the minutes of the previous meetings.
  2. Consideration and adoption of annual report of the GB.
  3. Adoption of the accounts for the immediately preceding accounting period.
  4. Appointment of auditors for the ensuing period.

(B) The meeting of the GB shall be held at least once in each quarter to take decisions regarding the matters involving day to day functions of the society.

(C) The quorum of the meeting of the GC and GB shall be decided by the majority vote unless otherwise provided.

Finance: The society shall raise funds through donations, subscriptions, loans or any other source that will be decided by GB/GC.The organization shall invest the surplus funds as the GB decides in the interest of the society. The society shall open a saving bank account in any branch of J&K bank. The said bank account shall be operated jointly by the President, Secretary and the Executive (F&A) of the society. The GB shall constitute for each year a committee of two members to carry out the internal audit of the accounts of the society. The accounts of the society shall also be got audited by a chartered accountant as appointed by the GC in its annual general meeting. Functions of the office bearers:

1) President: The President shall be the overall custodian of the society. He will decide about the venues of the meetings of GC and GB.He shall remain outside the preview of election. In absence of the Chairman (the post abolished), he shall preside over the meetings of GB & GC. President and executive (F&A) can jointly operate the bank account of the society. In case he decides to retire at any time, he can do so by nominating any member for the post. Such nominated President shall also be subject to the same provision.

2) Chairman: (Post abolished): He shall preside over the meetings of the GC and GB and shall sign the minutes of the meeting.

3) Secretary: I) He shall call the meetings of GC and GB in consultation with the President. ii) He shall record minutes of meeting of GC and GB in consultation with Chairman (Post abolished) iii) He shall maintain the records of the society. iv) He shall communicate with the members of the GB and GC as well as with the outside agencies.

4) Executive(R&M): He shall be evaluating the works of eminent writers, intellectuals, poets, media and persons related to different art forms. He shall have also to look after the marketing function of the society as well. 5) Executive(F&M): He shall maintain the accounts of the society. He shall also be one of the signatories to the bank account jointly with the President of society and may be assigned any other related jobs by the President of the society.